The Paintings of Xavier Castellanos​

2023:  2 Private Solo Exhibits in Vienna and Valencia 

     Xavier was born in Geneva, Switzerland where he spent his childhood. He started painting at the age of four. His first solo exhibit was in Mexico City at the age of sixteen. He studied Fine Arts at The Art Students League of New York.
After a series of successful exhibits, he won public acclaim and admission into the Mexican art circles. His works are held in some museums and in numerous private and corporate collections. His talent has received recognition from masters such as Jose Luis Cuevas and Raul Anguiano. Since 1989 he has done more than 75 one-artist shows  mostly in the United States, Mexico and Europe, and has participated in more than 70 group exhibitions in the world.
He is a "unique blend": Swiss born and raised, French educated, Mexican artist/designer/thinker. He lived five years in New York City, and over half of his life in San Francisco, California. He lives now between Mexico and in Europe (in the Fall) where he paints and exhibits.

He has travelled in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South East Asia, Morocco, Egypt and all over Europe, including the Baltics, Turkey and St. Petersburg. His favorite places are (too many...): France, Germany, Vienna, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, San Francisco, New York and Mexico... At 16 years old, him and his family moved to Mexico City where his family is from. At 16 he had his first solo exhibits in Mexico City. After several successful Solo Exhibits in Mexico, he moved to NYC.
      He lived 5 years in NYC then over 13 years in San Francisco. He has visited almost all European countries; USA, Canada, Morocco, Thailand and the cities of St Petersburg, Istanbul, Cairo, Tokyo, Singapore and Angkor Wat. He divides his time painting in Mexico City, Cancun and he will be painting in Vienna and Spain, August-October 2023.


2023: Planned Exhibits: Vienna, Austria & "possibly" Valencia, Spain

2023, 2022, 2021: 3 Solo Exhibits, Cancun, Mexico

2019 Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada                                  (3 Canceled Exhibits in Europe due to Covids) 

2018: Three Private Exhibits in Guethary, Bordeaux, Paris, France 

2017: Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Copenhagen                  2017: 2 Private exhibits in Berlin

2016 : Private exhibits in Cologne and Munich                     2017: Alliance Francaise, Mexico City

2014: 456 Montgomery Street Building, San Francisco        2014: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco

2014: Etcetera Gallery, San Francisco                                  2014: Blue Fig Gallery, San Francisco

2013: Google, Mountain View, California

2013: Private Exhibit, New York City

2013 and 2012: 456 Montgomery Street Building, San Francisco

2013: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco

2012: San Francisco New Federal Building, San Francisco

2012 and 2011: Private Receptions, New York City and Houston, Texas
2012: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco
2010: La Encantada Gallery, San Francisco
2008: Gabriel Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008 and 2006: The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
2005: 345 California Street Tower, San Francisco
2003: Center for Latin American Studies, Berkeley University, Berkeley
2002: Interface, Paris, France
2002: Screenwest Gallery, London, UK
2005, 2001 and 1998: The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
1997: McKesson Building, San Francisco
1993: Bering Foundation, Houston, Texas
1992: Museo Casa del Lago, National University of Mexico, Mexico City

2017: Gallery Hittite, Toronto                                             
2009: Esteban Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008, 2006, 1992-1994: Polanco Gallery, San Francisco
1997-1999: Artissimo Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
1997-1999: Terrain Gallery, San Francisco
1998: Mahoney Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1997: Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, California
1996-1995: Davis Art Center, Davis and Gallery House, Palo Alto, California
1992 -1994: "Pasion por Frida", Museo Estudio Diego Rivera, Mexico (travelling exhibition: New York, Austin,
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, other cities in Europe and Asia)
1991-1994: Galeria Kahlo-Coronel, Mexico City
1991-1994: Six to Six Gallery, New York City
1990-1994: Waverly Gallery, New York City
1991: Galerie Paris-Bastille, Paris
1988-1990: Galeria Suma Artis, Mexico City

2017: 2 Artist's Residencies in Montreal and Toronto                     2014 & 2017: Artist's Residency in Berlin 
2016: Artist's Residency in Munich             1996: Art Competition, Davis Art Center, Davis, California
1995: Art Competition, Gallery House, Palo Alto, California
1995: Art Competition, Louis O. Palmer Gallery, New Concord, Ohio
1994: Awarded grant by National Fund for Culture and Arts, Mexico City
1992: Worked as curator and coordinator in California for "Pasión por Frida" Exhibit
1992: Lecture "Frida Kahlo", International House, Berkeley University, California
1991: Reproduction of one of Castellanos' paintings on a French telephone card, Paris, France
1991: Set design for the Play "13 rue de l'Amour" by Feydau, South Street Theater, New York