The Paintings of Xavier Castellanos


1996: Art Competition, Davis Art Center, Davis, California
1995: Art Competition, Gallery House, Palo Alto, California
1995: Art Competition, Louis O. Palmer Gallery, New Concord, Ohio
1994: Awarded grant by National Fund for Culture and Arts, Mexico City
1992: Worked as curator and coordinator in California for "Pasión por Frida" Exhibit
1992: Lecture "Frida Kahlo", International House, Berkeley University, California
1991: Reproduction of one of Castellanos' paintings on a French telephone card, Paris, France
1991: Set design for "13 rue de l'Amour" by Feydau, South Street Theater, New York


2014: 456 Montgomery Street Building, San Francisco
2014: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco
2014: Etcetera, San Francisco
2014: Blue Fig Café/Gallery, San Francisco
2013: Google, Mountain View, California
2013: Private Exhibit, New York City
2013 and 2012: 456 Montgomery Street Building, San Francisco
2013: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco
2012: San Francisco New Federal Building, San Francisco
2012 and 2011: Private Receptions, New York City and Houston, Texas
2012: Alliance Francaise, San Francisco
2010: La Encantada Gallery, San Francisco
2008: Gabriel Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008 and 2006: The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
2005: 345 California Street Tower, San Francisco
2003: Center for Latin American Studies, Berkeley University, Berkeley
2002: Interface, Paris, France
2002: Screenwest Gallery, London, UK
2005, 2001 and 1998: The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
1997: McKesson Building, San Francisco
1993: Bering Foundation, Houston, Texas
1992: Museo Casa del Lago, National University of Mexico, Mexico City


2014: Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany
2009: Esteban Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2008, 2006, 1992-1994: Polanco Gallery, San Francisco
1997-1999: Artissimo Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
1997-1999: Terrain Gallery, San Francisco
1998: Mahoney Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1997: Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, California
1996-1995: Davis Art Center, Davis and Gallery House, Palo Alto, California
1992 -1994: "Pasion por Frida", Museo Estudio Diego Rivera, Mexico (travelling exhibition: New York, Austin,
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, other cities in Europe and Asia)
1991-1994: Galeria Kahlo-Coronel, Mexico City
1991-1994: Six to Six Gallery, New York City
1990-1994: Waverly Gallery, New York City
1991: Galerie Paris-Bastille, Paris
1988-1990: Galeria Suma Artis, Mexico City