Elections, Acrylic/Paper, 46x62 cm, 18x24", Eur 604

Upside Down, Acrylic/Canvas 30x40", 78x103cms, Eur 2,300

2020, 2021 A Virus... , Acrylic/Paper, 100x70 cms,  Eur 1,700

Golden Gate Bridge, Litho 1 of 4   Eur 700

Chulo NY, Acrylic/Paper, 41x88 cm, 16.6x35", EUR 1,500

Peacock Jacket, Acrylic/Denim, Size M, Eur 500

Mermen, Acrylic/Canvas, 82x61cms, 31x24", Eur 1,600

geneva, acrylic & collage/paper  46x62cm, Eur 1,600

earthquake Mexico City ii        

acrylic/paper  70x57 cm,  Eur 1,200

twin peaks, acrylic/paper, 56x76 cm,        Eur 1,600

fitting in       Acrylic/paper, 62x44cm

eyes in the city, acrylic/paper 40x50 cm,

​En Mexico: No hacer caso de precios en Euros. Ignorar estos precios

can you hear me?                                                        

acrylic/paper, 43x62cm 

fog                        eur 1,600

                      Acrylic/canvas 30x22" 

“I often think of poetry and painting as the same art form where colorful strokes and words connect to create a unified whole. Just as literary artists often convey a story between the lines of a text, I paint visions between colors and between ideas. I juxtapose intense and original figures (and sometimes  overwhelming urban landscapes) with premonitory dreams. 
               I consider some of my paintings as enigmatic “maps” that negotiate real and emotional space. In this way, the figures, buildings and symbols drifting through the paintings may be thought of as the cartography of these “maps”. The viewer has to elucidate them in order for him to read the artist, and, as a result, to read the inside himself. In the maps remanents become revitalize, erased fragments reappear, and signs and symbols talk to themselves. Perhaps they speak quietly about invisible mirrors, old laberynths, or the inescapable death. I portray figures in a real context (or community) where all orders become mixed and confused: animal, vegetable and mineral... I paint between rigidity and overflow, large uniform surfaces next to small, busy detailed sections, in order to show that there is movement, an ebb and a flow of iconographies. I want to point out, among many things and as others have before me, the relationships of groups of existing emotional figures with their social actions, or lack of them.” 

Tree of Life, Acrylic/Paper, 70x100 cms, 39x27",   Eur 1,700

Due to Covid 6 canceled solo Exhibits, Mexico and Europe, 2020, 2021

Above Montreal, Acrylic/Paper, 54x68cms,   Eur 1,600

Full Moon, Acrylic/Canvas, 76x101 cms; Eur 1,800

Seattle, 91x61cm, 36x24", Eur 1,800

covids everywhere 2021            Eur 1,400

acrylic/paper 67x102cm,  

The Paintings of Xavier Castellanos​

Fog,Pollution, Pollution: Mexico City

Acrylic on Masonite, 80x60 cms, 1,600 Euros

 Growing Tree, Acrylic/Thick Paper, 49x40cm, Eur 1,000

2021 Landscape, Acrylic/Canvas, 64x102cms,          Eur 1,600

Castro Street SF, Acrylic/Paper, 42x61cms                  Eur 1,400

fog, fog, fog           eur 1,800

                      Acrylic/masonite, 30x22", 82x62cms 

Artist's Hands, Acrylic/Paper

82x62cm,             Eur 1,600

Opposites, Acrylic/Blue Paper, 90x58 cms, 39x27"  Eur 1,200

San Francisco, Lithograph, 40x57cms, Eur 600

 Last Solo Exhibit 2019: Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada

2018: Three Private Exhibits in Guethary, Bordeaux, Paris, France                 Solo Exhibit 2017: Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Copenhagen, Denmark;                          2 Exhibits Sep-Oct in Berlin, Germany

:                                                                                                        Alianza Francesa de Polanco, Mexico City; Nov 15-Dec 20, 2017.


Peacock Jacket, Acrylic/Denim, Size M, 

Evolution, Acrylic/Canvas, 91x61 cm, Eur 1,800

elements, acrylic/canvas 78x103 cm, 30"x40",Eur 1,800

 No Communications, Acrylic/Paper, 46x62cm,                  Eur 1,600

Two Brains, Acrylic/Canvas, 70x100cms,          Eur 1,600

Downtown SF, Acrylic/Paper, 46x62 cm, 18x24", Eur 1,500

Visual Road, Acrylic/Paper, 57x76 cm, 22.5x30", EUR 1,600

Sunshine, Acrylic on Paper, 57x70 cms,

Bell Towers, Acrylic/Paper, 44.5x60 cms, Eur 1,200

"Freedom" Tower NYC, Acrylic/Canvas, 78x103cms, 30x40", Eur 2,300

SF City Lights, Acrylic/Paper, 24x36", 61x91cms      Eur 1,800

 Spotty, Acrylic/Thick Paper, 49x40cm, Eur 1,000