The Paintings of Xavier Castellanos

Taxco, Litho, 70x57cm          Eur 999

Road to Huatulco II, Acrylic/Canvas, 30x40", EUR 2,300

Peak, Acrylic/Paper, 50x40cm Eur 1,200

Landscape, Acrylic/Canvas 29.7x29.7cm, EUR 1,600 

Merida, Mixed Medium/Paper, 50x60cm   Eur 1,500

San Cristobal III, Acrylic/Paper, 56x76cm Eur 1,700

San Miguel Allende Church, Acrylic/Paper, 61x91cms, EUR 1,800

Ahuehuetes, Acrylic/Paper, 22x30", 56x76 cms, EUR 1,600

Tropical Forest, Acrylic/Canvas, 24x36", 61x91cms, EUR 1,800

Cuitzeo Lake, Acrylic/Canvas, 30x40", EUR 2,300

San Cristobal II, Acrylic/Canvas, 22x28", 56x71cm, EUR 1,600

Balcones, Acrylic/Canvas, 24x36", 61x91cm, EUR 1,800

Zion, Acrylic/Canvas, 23x34", EUR 1,800

Orchards, Acrylic/Paper, 21.5x28", 54x71cm, EUR 1,600

Colina/Hill, 45x61cm, 18x24", EUR 1,500

Afternoon, Acrylic/Canvas, 57x90cm, 22x35", EUR 1,800

san cristobal village

acrylic/canvas 61x91cm, 24x36", eur 1,800

farms, Acrylic/Canvas 56x71 cms, 22x28", EUR 1,600

Cloud & Lake, Acrylic/Canvas 67x91cm, 26x36", EUR 1,800 

Cocoyoc, Acrylic/Canvas 91x61cm, 36x24" EUR 1,800

Frida's Shrine I, Acrylic & Mixed Medium/Wood, 35.6x31cm, 14x12x5", EUR 1,000

Frida's Shrine, Acrylic & Mixed Medium/Wood, 50x31cm, 20x12x5", EUR 1,800

Frida Jacket, Size L, Acrylic/Denim, EUR 500

Sierra, Acrylic/Canvas, 24x36", 61x91cms, EUR 1,800

Cuitzeo, Acrylic/Canvas 24.5X38.5", 62x97cms, EUR 2,000

Huatulco Road, Acrylic/Canvas 61x91cm, 24x36", Eur 1,800

chimalistac square

acrylic/canvas 78x103 cm, 30"x40", eur 2,000

blue garden

acrylic/canvas 78x103 cm, 30"x40", Eur 2,000

rain over jalisco

acrylic/canvas, 61x91cm, 24x36", eur 1,800

tropical garden 

acrylic/canvas, 61x91cm, 24x36", eur 1,800